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Hey guys, I think you have familiar how to order from Gmarket. In this post will will be looking how to get a coupon, Gstamps and Gmileages from Gmarket. Gstamps is a benefit provided by Gmarket and seller. You can collect the Gstamps by:. Purchase an item on Gmarket : Gstamp is issued when customer completes order if seller applied Gstamps as a promotion to the item.

Write a review and 1 or more Gstamps will be issued. From drawing roulette : Everyday you have a chance to turn the roulette A. A pop up window will tell you what do you win in this roulette drawing. You can use the Gstamps for:. Exchange for discount coupon.

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Draw discount coupon. You can exchange or draw Gstamps for discount coupon from the even page or coupon box in Gmarket.

FAQs & Useful Shopping Tips for Gmarket

Gmileages is a benefit of purchasing items. You can earn Gmileage from:. Write item reviews or premium review. Detailed and descriptive articles written in this blog is really very helpful for me as well as for other who seeking such kind of knowledge. It is definitely going to become useful in coming future. This is for any interested international buyers who are thinking of ordering on the website but are confused about the website. Hopefully my guide will be able to maneuver you through your Gmarket experience!

NOTE: All the information I have provided in this guide is based on my personal experience on Gmarket, I am not covering every single aspect of the entire website as I am no pro master about Gmarket but I will try to cover as much as I am capable of.

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I will be updating this guide with more information if possible. I have broken down this guide into different categories for organizational purposes and so you can easily found info for a specific category. Gmarket is a subsidiary of eBay Korea. Does eBay sound familiar to anyone? Gmarket is basically the same format as eBay, it is an online massive shopping center. Imagine the website of a shopping mall you would go to in person.

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Inside that shopping mall, there are multiple stores from a variety of retailers. Gmarket is basically like a mall except it is online! Gmarket itself is not the one offering the products on their website; Gmarket is providing the platform or mall for sellers stores to offer their products through the Internet. Before you can make a purchase on Gmarket, you need to create a Gmarket account.

Gmarket Coupon Codes

Registering for an account is simple and free! You will then be taken to a page where you can fill in your information. This is what your email will look like. You have completed you Gmarket registration!

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With this account, you can do anything now, well I mean ordering on Gmarket of course. Now it is time to log into your Gmarket account! Awesome now you are in your Gmarket account! As you can see, there are different tabs. These tabs allow you to sort through all your orders based on the condition you selected such as Recent. This column shows you the status of each product and if it is delivered to the warehouse or not. As you can see, there are multiple boxes. I have color highlighted each different box so it may be easier for you to identify the different boxes.

Sometimes, if you paid too much for shipping, Gmarket will calculate the overage and add it into your Cash Balance. Vice versa, if you paid too little for shipping, Gmarket will deduct the require amount from your Cash Balance. Cash Balance can also be used to pay for orders. Cash Balance can also be purchased directly in case you need to pay for shipping and you have nothing in your Cash Balance.

Coupons are from Gmarket. Gmarket is HUGE. It sells everything from clothing to stationery to food! I have highlighted the different parts in different colors. This way, it will be easier for you to identify which part of the page I am explaining. Make sure the products you would like to buy are eligible for international shipping! The cost of a product is first listed in Won, which is the currency of South Korea.

Underneath the price in Won in brackets, is the price listed in USD. The price in red is the amount of discount price subtracted from the original price of the product for products on sale. Some sellers ship for free, some charge a fee, and some ship for free under certain buy conditions such as purchasing at least a certain amount from the seller.

This rating is based on reviews left by previous customers who have purchased the product. Now that you have had time to browse around the website, you have saw products you would like to order! Well, the first step in ordering is adding all the products you would like to order into your shopping cart.

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You will need to open the product page of the item you would like to order.