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The Z97 chipset, on the other hand, is aimed at users who are looking for something with more value and in the middle of the pack.

GIGABYTE Z97 [CPU OC Guide] 4670K, 4690K, 4770K, 4790K

We've already looked at a few, and they've done an excellent job impressing us already. This one comes in at a bit of a cheaper price point that will indeed be attractive option for us. We've already got a pretty good understanding of both ASUS and the Intel Z97 chipset, so there doesn't seem to be a huge need to go into too much detail.

Round-Up of The Best and Top-Tier Overclocking Z97 Motherboards

So, with that all said and done, let's get into the package and see just what ASUS is offering us today with its ZA motherboard. Taking a look at the front of the box, you can't see a ton of information being shown. Turning the box over, you can see we get a good look at the motherboard and some of the main highlights. On the right side of the box, you can see that ASUS goes into some of the major features, including the 5-Way Optimization that brings performance, efficiency, stable digital power, unbeatable fan control, and networking and tuning.

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ASUS Z97-PRO - motherboard - ATX - LGA1150 Socket - Z97 Specs & Prices

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ASUS ZPRO - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - Z97 Specs & Prices - CNET

So i might be upgrading to a i5 k. I was informed that this cpu is able to be overclocked. I have never overclocked and most likely might not, BUT since I have also heard overclocking lets you get much more performance out of a CPU, I do want to leave that option open. So i was recommended to buy a Z97 since they have good OC capabilities.

I also Have 8gb ram and a r9 in case that matters. View theunliked's answer. CTurbo Titan Moderator. Aug 27, 22, 9 89, 4, To answer your original question, the Asus ZE is the one to get. Note: you will also need to buy an after marker cpu cooler to overclock. CTurbo :.

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Dec 3, 1, 2 5, This is a good motherboard a lot of people use. You already have a ? Why were you going to buy another one??? A k would not be a worthwhile upgrade over the so don't bother. Yes your H81 is fine as is the stock cooler. Karadjgne Titan Herald. Dec 26, 19, 90, 3, OC does improve performance, but it's not something you'll really notice on an Intel cpu.

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It does add a few fps. But considering most monitors are capped at 60fps and considering the variance in fps by just changing view direction, explosions, grass moving etc those few fps get lost in the shuffle. Even rendering, the difference is a few seconds to a couple of minutes if you rendered the exact same thing twice with nothing but a speed change in between. Which no one does.

ASRock Z97 Extreme4

In mmorpg, multi-player, high server games like bf4 multi-player, the 8 thread cpus really show up everything else, but they are optimised for thread usage. That said, there is 1 series of cpus that do show some really good improvement concerning OC, but they start with FX, and are built by AMD. Karadjgne :.