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But they would be stupid if they would tell it, no? They would lose faster people and more money. And I really doubt that Acclaim will extend it. So, dear people… Go an buy as many Item Mall items as possible. And 2nd, the really stupid Vagabond Event: Seriously… Even I made better events in the name of the meanwhile nonexistent Vagabond Army. Dozend of collection quests, where the clanless warriors need help from the clanmembers of The Land.

They had the guts to create that quiz while taking a look on my Vagabond Guide, my posts, and my Vagabond Army forum.

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Patience… They will regret it soon enough…. However; Let us take a look on some parts of this shameless and so-called quiz:. Other than The Vagabond himself, who was the first vagabond to set foot in The Land and remain a vagabond to this day?

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The Vagabond path is known for it hard and harsh way. Of course The Hermit wants to be one of those toff guys. But fact is, he never was a player. He was always just a GM. He never went trough the true path of a clanless warrior.

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Yeah, sure, GMs are clanless characters. But does this simple fact make them to a true vagabond? Of course not. Elixirs are important for creating a more powerful vagabond character. What is the maximum bonus to one stat you can receive from elixirs? The sooner a Vagabond maxed his strength, the better. Strength gives damage and defence, which a Vagabond really need a lot. Wisdom gives chi kung damage, chi kung attack rating, chi kung defence and chi kung dodge. Just chi kung artists need these.

He have a low chance to drop this item. The name is Dark Sword the Shadow Lord and he is in the 4th floor of the cave. This is my favorite question. Every Vagabond likes to walk the path different. Try to buy those shoes with 2 slots. Vagabonds just got basic skills. If I should recommend a weapon for the best skill, I would recomment Saber, Sword or Fists, because the basic clan techniques makes the most damage.

But actually every basic skill is good. The power of a Vagabond does not come from the skills, but from his equipment. Every weapon have assets and drawbacks. There are Vagabond players which like to use many different weapons, on every situation another weapon. But in my opinion a person should just focus oneself on one weapon.

This gives enough space for refinement, searching and buying a good weapon, and more things. Otherwise you have to spend more money on different weapons, and this money could be used as a Vagabond for better things, for example for elixirs, for relics or for clothes. Vagabonds need the best items to keep up with other players.

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So how you see, there is no best weapon. So just choose the weapon, which fits your character and your personality. And then, keep this weapon. Everyone who says, there is a weapon which is the worst for a Vagabond, lies. And bracers are not real weapons. The Vagabonds have a secret symbol that is both a number and a letter. What is it and what does it signify? That was an invention from The Hermit on the first Vagabond Event.

He started to say, the secret symbol of the vagabonds is Also as symbol for this number, X. It signifies the 10th path and the 10th Dragon.

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But yes, I leaded the clanless warriors. I showed to The Land, what can be possible. Meanwhile, even the Vagabond Path is stained with money and greediness. Some weeks ago, when Acclaim lost a lot of money through the hacking of the Item Mall, The Hermit was really pissed off, and he talked about karma. The karma would give those stealers a payback. But this will not happen… The price was set on 1 Coin, and the people payed the price. However… Hermit talks about karma… This is arrogant.

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He steal my words and make them to his own. He cheat the players and lie to them, and he helps Fugen to do the same. Karma, you say? You will meet soon your karma, Steven-Elliot Altman. Acclaim does not understand that, when they lie or do things that are detrimental to players , sooner or later there will be consequences.

It is visible that the population of servers is continuously decreasing. Decrease in players is evident.

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Before Tibet map, tired of Acclaim lies, many veterans have dropped down the game and many players moved to another games like AION. This thing is visible now more than ever. Darkfall EU. Diablo 3 CN. Fiesta Online EU. Fiesta Online US. Granado Espada SEA. Lineage 2 Classic EU. Lineage II Classic. Revelation Online RU. Rift EU. Rift US. Seal Online Blades of Destiny. SG ArcheageOnline China. Soul Saver Online. Tree of Savior INA.

World of Warcraft BR. World of Warcraft EU. World of Warcraft US. My Account. Currency Item Accounts CDkey. Buy Devilian Item.

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Name : Bolton's Blessing 3days Price : 1. Bolton's Blessing 3days. Name : Appearance Change Coupon Price : 3. Special auction pass 3 days Special auction pass 1 days Szechuan sweet Moon Cookie Conquero r's Lucky Epithet 7 Days Chest from Wuan Village Chest from ruined Village Sacred Flowers Dagger Broken pieces of the unknown sword Tien Tanhuas pouch Broken pieces of the unknown sword Tri colored Pouch Red clay soldier statue Blue clay soldier statue Green clay soldier statue Essence Bead of Frozen Corpse Present from Santa Piece of Shattered red Orb A glass jar contains Star Dust.